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2017 okt. 27. - 2017 okt. 28.

Night of Escape Games

In 2017 the Night Of Escape Rooms will be organized again in Hungary. The House of Mysteries is waiting for the adventurous teams in 6 hungarian cities with the 69 minutes Hotel Crime program!

During this night you do not need to fulfill any conditions to get the 50% discount for the program. You only need to book your appointment!

Details about the game, venues and booking:

Budapest: www.budapest.houseofmysteries.hu/hotel-crime
Debrecen: www.debrecen.houseofmysteries.hu/hotel-crime
Esztergom: www.esztergom.houseofmysteries.hu/hotel-crime
Győr: www.gyor.houseofmysteries.hu/hotel-crime
Siófok: www.siofok.houseofmysteries.hu/hotel-crime
Székesfehérvár: www.szekesfehervar.houseofmysteries.hu/hotel-crime

During the booking please write to the note section “Night of Escape Rooms” and you will get the 50% discount automatically on the spot.

Price of the 69 minutes program: Instead of 2.900 HUF only 1.450 HUF/person
*it is not combinable with other discounts.